The best electric griddle for camping appliances. They make cooking or frying easier, more convenient, and relatively fast. Griddles can be used to prepare a wide range of foods. 

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There are several other types of griddle but electric griddles are the safest you can use both outdoors and indoors. A major reason is that electric griddles release less smoke compared to others, gas griddles, for example.


If you’re going camping and you need a griddle, an electric griddle is a nice option if you’ll be having electricity. They can help you save space as you won’t need to carry along a gas or butane tank and also, they’re more cost-effective.


However, if you’re going to get one, you need to get the best. How do you know which is the best electric griddle for camping? Let’s look at some of the factors to consider.


Factors to consider in choosing the best electric griddle for camping


  • Griddle Size

The griddle size is the first and most important factor to consider. Electric griddle products manufactured in various sizes and the ideal size to go for depends on the number of people in your camp. If you’re less than 5 persons, then a small size griddle would do justice. Otherwise, it’s the big size for the win.


  • Material 

One of the troubles people have with griddles is low-quality materials. Your griddle might be used every other day while camping and if the material is poor, it could get affected by the constant heat or some outdoor element. Non-stick materials are ideal because they are well coated and can withstand high heat.


  • Power

This has to do with how much electricity the griddle consumes. You’re well aware that electrical appliances add weight to your electric bills, no matter how small, so you have to consider this cost. If you’ll be going with a generator, ensure that the griddle is within its power output range.


  • Weight 

When going camping, no one wants to carry heavy stuff. For this reason, you should consider the weight of the electrical griddle. Lightweight products are always the best but, not all top-quality griddles are light in weight.

The product weight is relative to its size. If you need a large griddle for many persons, you should be ready to deal with the weight.


  • Extra Features

Some electric griddles come with extra features like a warming tray, drip tray, pans, etc. While these are not musts, they can come in handy in different situations. If there’s any of them you might need, getting a griddle that features them will save you the cost of getting them separately.


To make buying your next electric griddle for camping easy and quick, check out the best options in the market currently.


10 Best Electric Griddles For Camping 


  1. BELLA (14606) Copper Titanium Coated Non-Stick Electric Griddle


The BELLA 14606 is an electric griddle with a 1500 watt heating system for very fast cooking.

It is easy to control as it features simple dials and its non-stick coating makes it very durable. In addition, this product is resistant to wear and tear as it is reinforced with titanium.


Optimized for safety, this griddle features cool-touch handles that don’t get hot while operating. You can adjust the temperatures as you cook as there are different temperature settings.

At the base of the griddle is a ledge and the backstop makes flipping pancakes easy.


2.   BLACK+DECKER Family-Sized Electric Griddle

If you’re camping with your family or with many persons, you’ll need a large electric griddle like the BLACK+DECKER family-sized electric griddle. It features a large cooking area, up to 200 square inches with 8  serving areas.

The cooking surface is non-stick which means you’ll face no trouble cleaning up after use.

There is an adjustable temperature knob for cooking at different temperatures and with its lock feature, it doesn’t change as you cook.

This electric griddle comes with a slide-out warming tray and a drip tray. Once the food’s ready, you can serve them inside the warming tray while the drip tray can be used to drain excess fat or grease.

3.    Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet

Here’s a Presto electric griddle with a capacity of 1500 watts and a 120 volts AC. It is a relatively big one, with a 16 inches base and also sturdy being made with heavy cast aluminum.

With the high sidewalls, you can cook in large quantities.

The Presto 06852 is wrap-proof. The interior and exterior parts are nonstick for not just easy cleaning but also easy cooking. You can also clean it with a dishwasher.

The base is covered with a tempered glass which adds a touch of luxury and style. It could pass as a buffet server.

4.   Presto 07046 Tilt ‘n Drain Big Griddle Cool-Touch Electric Griddle

This is a second product from Presto. It is a big griddle meant for large quantity cooking. Built with heavy cast aluminum, the griddle base is coated with a premium nonstick surface which helps for seamless cleaning and stick-free cooking.

This griddle comes with master heat control for adjusting cooking temperature; it functions automatically. It features a backstop ledge so cooking is more convenient and is cool-touch for safety.

The griddle can be used as a grilling or draining surface thanks to the unique Tilt’nDrain feature. Switching between both is easy.

5.   Caynel Professional Electric Griddle

The Caynel Professional Electric Griddle has a 24 x 12-inch cooking area with 300 square inches griddle surface; it is an extra-large product. With this electric griddle, cooking is stress-free due to the premium nonstick surface and also fast as its 1700 watts.

The griddle surface is made with heavy cast aluminum for durability.

The cooking temperature can be adjusted between 200F to 460F. There is a warming function that helps cool down foods a bit after preparation. Furthermore, there’s the slide-out drip tray for draining off fat and grease. Packing will be convenient as the griddle’s handle are removable.

6.   DASH DEG200GBAQ01 Everyday Nonstick Electric Griddle

Most of the electric griddles mentioned are extra large and here’s another one from DASH. It is an ideal product for camping, especially with family, as it cooks fast and cooks big. The griddle has a 1500 watts capacity and a cooking area measuring 19.75 x 9.5 inches.

It’s a plug and use griddle that takes just a minute to heat up and you can switch between different heat temperatures. Being a nonstick griddle makes cleaning easy. The DASH Nonstick Electric Griddle comes in different colors so you have options and it also comes with a free recipe book.

7.   Char-Broil 20602109 Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill

This product features a cooking space that measures up to 320 square inches. It makes use of a Tru-infrared cooking technology to ensure that even heat is delivered with no cold and hot spots and flare-ups prevented.

The crate is coated with quality porcelain material which makes it resistant to rust and easy to clean.

You can cook at different temperatures easily by adjusting using the integrated control knob. Also, the lid-mounted temperature gauge ensures that the heat is well controlled. With the removable warming rack, you can warm food.

8.   George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

Here we have an electric griddle that you can use both inside your camping tent and outside. With 15 serving areas and a 240 square-inch surface, you can prepare food for a large number of persons.

The George Foreman manufactures made this product durable and easy to clean with a sturdy nonstick coating.

There are 5 different heat settings to choose from and with the temperature probe, this is easy. Its stand is removable such that you can use it as a countertop griddle. This also makes it portable.

9.   Ovente Electric Indoor Kitchen Griddle

With 1200W, fast heating is one of the selling features of this Ovente Electric Indoor Kitchen Griddle. The griddle features a 16 x 10 cooking area is optimized for efficient cooking.

The cooking area is nonstick and there’s a temperature knob for adjusting the heat temperature. Furthermore, it comes with a drip tray for draining fat.

The Ovente Electric Indoor Kitchen Griddle comes with a 1-year warranty. It is a very lightweight product so carrying it for camping would be easy. All parts of this product are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

10.               Ultimate Nonstick Electric Skillet 

The Ultimate Nonstick Electric Skillet was manufactured to address the issue of fuss cooking, it features a moss and stone fry pan made with double layers of nonstick coating to ensure that cleaning after cooking is easy.

The cooking area square-shaped, relatively spacious, and measuring 11.5” on all sides. The hit resistant handles, you can be assured of safety while cooking and thanks to the glass lid with steam vent. Channeled out properly, the cooking temperature adjusted between 200 and 425 degrees.



What’s stopping you from enjoying your favorite meals in camps? Well, nothing. So long as you’re with the necessary ingredients and recipes, all you need is the right cooking appliance – an electric griddle is one such appliance.

The list of the best electric griddle for camping above gives you various quality options to purchase.